Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy 14th Birthday Elijah

Talk about pathetic picture taking when it doesn't involve a huge birthday bash.....
Elijah chose to pick a friend and go camping for his 14th birthday.  We packed up the camper, brought Avery Pritts along and spent a weekend at Lake Mississinewa in Peru.

Lots and Lots of tubing.  Avery wasn't up for much more than tubing so that is pretty much all they did on the water.

They set up their own tent and I think they enjoyed being on their own away from the parents.

Ok so you may wonder what this picture is all about, but we went and did disc golf.  Everyone was really good at it EXCEPT me.  When I threw my frisbee it would go in all directions.  So everyone learned to "take cover" when I was up to throw.

Even though there wasn't a huge deal out of his birthday I am pretty sure he had a good time camping with his cousin.  It won't surprise me if this is what he picks next year too.
I know I say this probably every birthday but its true.....where does the time go??  To think that I have a Freshman this year.....a HIGH SCHOOL son!!  Wow!!
Happy Birthday Elijah.  We love you and we pray you stay dedicated to whats important.  

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Kelli Blog said...

What a fun trip! Thanks again :)