Monday, December 16, 2013

Physical Therapy

Ahhhh, physical therapy!!!  We are on week 5 of physical therapy and not only is Elijah getting tired of it, but I am getting tired of taking him.  However, its so vitally important that he does it and we both try and have a good attitude.  (mine is definitely better than his:))  We are definitely making progress and have about 20% left on his left elbow in getting it FULLY extended.  We are also working on our "walking" as to not walk with a limp.  He doesn't realize he does it, so that makes it hard to correct him.  We have our last check up with Dr.Kashan at Riley on Thursday and we are anxious to see what he has to say about his therapy and also to see the x rays again.


The kids sure LOVE having their own tree each year.  Their tree is up in the loft area and I let them do it however they wish.  Now that Elijah is taller I do notice the top of the tree gets more decorations:).  It was about an hour of NO FIGHTING which was great.  I enjoyed listening to them get along so well!!
 Even miss Ellie got in on the decorations.  Needless to say she looks like she might have stuck her finger in the outlet socket:)!!!!  Such crazy hair!!
 After that tree was done she decided to come help us with our tree.  Here she saw nick put a sliver of wood under the tree stand to help even it out and she decided to do the same.

Then on to some more fun for Caden!!  It was date night with his mommy:).  Actually we just started (this year) that when you bring home ALL A's on your report card that you get to choose who you would like to go on a date with.  You get to choose where you want to eat and what movie you get to see.
Lucky me was chosen as his date and we headed to lafayette for a night on the town.
 He picked spageddies!!  He wanted ravioli so I named several italian restaurants and this is the one he picked.  He had never eaten here, but I am pretty sure he liked it.  He is a huge fan of dipping bread into olive oil:)

And then we went to see Frozen in theater.  I have to say that it is by far my favorite movie from Disney yet!!!  I loved it and I know Caden did too.
Well done young man!!!  Now to getting all A's on your next semester:)

A good laugh!!

So back in November we heard all about this "song" called What does the fox say.  Heard it was pretty dumb actually.  So we decided to see why everyone was talking about it.  Haaahaaa I decided to video tape my boys as they listened to it to show them their reactions.  I was trying to not die laughing at Liam as he was listening to it.  He had no idea I was recording him!!  I do realize its a bit lengthy.....