Thursday, June 16, 2016

60th Surprise Party!!

Thanks to Nick's dad for getting this wonderful surprise party planned for Marcia(nick's mom).  My mil loves to go to Shipshewana to the Blue Gate Theatre.  So dad booked the hotel for a night, and got the tickets for the Home Game show and dinner.  What a fun time we all had.  
So us kids all drove up ahead of Gerry and Marcia.  We got to the Rise n Roll Bakery about 30 minutes before they did.  Sat in a back room and waited for mom to arrive.  We all sang happy birthday and really surprised her.  She was in tears.  Then we ate an early lunch and headed on to a bit of shopping.  Next we went to the Home Game show.  I had never been to any of their productions, but I enjoyed it greatly and would go again easily.
Next we had a table reserved and food was brought to us.  Yummy Amish home cooked food.  
Taken after we had finished eating our dinner.

Dad paid for us all and we had a horse and buggy ride.  Went to see where they are kept and cared for. 

 The surprise wasn't quite complete as once we got back to the hotel we had a little party for mom.  Complete with cake, snacks, and drinks.  I really had a blast making this cake for mom.  Nothing like I had ever quite done before and used a "new" frosting to me and really enjoyed working with it.  It was a White Chocolate and Raspberry 4 layered cake.

 One last picture inside the hotel before leaving the next morning.  Thanks Dad for making this possible.  We LOVED it!!

Happy Birthday Ellie!!

I am SO FAR behind on my blog its a bit overwhelming.  If only I could learn to just keep updated I wouldn't feel this way.

April 23rd was the birthday celebration of Ellie's 4th birthday.  For the longest time she wanted a butterfly theme UNTIL she saw the movie Frozen and all things changed.  I think its a cute movie, but wow its made her to prance around the house, tossing her hair around and wiggling her little bottom.  Things I don't EVER remember doing as a kid:).  
Needless to say we went ahead and let her have her Frozen theme Birthday Party.  Oh how she LOVED it!!
 Elsa and Anna cake that I made for her.  She couldn't decide which girl she wanted me to make so I just threw in both dolls.
 The food was really fun to do.  We served Hans "we finish each others sandwhiches",  Troll balls(bbq meat balls)
 Sven's snacks (carrot sticks), Anna's frozen hearts (white chocolate covered strawberries)
 Kristoph's ice blocks (blue jello jigglers),  Melted Olaf (yogurt with pretzel sticks and eyes)
 Elsa's coronation salad (ceasar salad), and Arendelle's frozen bay (blue punch)
 Ellie is pleased to eat her yummy food.  Hard to tell here, but she even wanted her hair like Elsa's coronation hair in the movie.
Gift time.  

I find this picture a bit ironic in the fact that she is wearing her butterfly wings she got from her great Aunt Joan at her Frozen party.  A few weeks after her birthday Ellie came to me and said "I want a butterfly birthday party next".  Guess she still has her heart set on butterflies.
Happy Birthday sweet Ellie.  You are a true joy to have in our household.  Oh how you make me laugh at your spunky attitude and goofy sayings.