Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Random July Month

Wow, thanks guys....I felt loved that so many commented on my last post.  Yes, there are a few more posts to come as I continue on this "catch up" phase.  Sadly I could have had lots of pictures to post of all that went on in July, but I completely forgot to do ANY pictures from a personal shower I hosted at my house and I only got 2 pictures from my cousins wedding I was in.  Total Bummer!!!
 So at the beginning of July I had a garage sale at our town wide.  Since I live out in country I had it at my grandma's house in town.  My grandma had these wigs she put out to sell.  Oh goodness they were great.  I no longer have three boys, right??
 The pool hasn't gotten nearly as much use as it usually does but thankfully for the first year ever we have been able to keep it clear and not green!!  Yeah to a sparkling to just get the kids to use it more.  The nights have been cool and because its a small pool it cools off easily.
 It was Ellie's first time in our pool and she LOVED it, which totally surprised me!!

 Thankfully we had a great blueberry year.  We picked ourselves 27 lbs of blueberries and now I have a nice freezer full!!
 Ellie use to get her sippy cup of milk warmed up every night before bed and when she did, this is where she would love to stand and watch.  We no longer do this, so this picture brings back some sweet memories.  Oh are growing way to fast!!!
 Her first ever Corn on the Cob!!  What a hit.  We have a video of her and her cob.  She was very possessive of it and if you tried to take it away she threw a fit.  Seriously girl, its just corn!!

 Ellie got this toy last Christmas but because she couldn't even crawl back then we saved it and just got it out in June.  She thinks she is pretty cute on it.  (but then again I think she is pretty cute too:))
 Jason, Joy, Jayla and Jacki stayed the night one weekend.  Jayla is getting to the age where she will now sleep in a room without her parents:).  She usually has to be near them, but this night we walked down to find this very sweet picture!!  Guess as long as Liam is holding her hand she knows she is safe!!
                                                                   More sweetness!!
                                                      What else are big brothers for?????
 Ellie has a very hard time staying put in her high chair.  I do not recall ANY of my boys trying to escape the high chair.  Leave it to Ellie.  The other day I looked over at her and she was getting ready to stand up on her tray!!!  No more leaving her unattended in her chair.
Rehearsal Dinner for Alisha and Brent.
Beautiful bride on her big day.  I love you Alisha and it was a complete honor to be in your wedding!!  I have got to see if my aunt or grandma have any pictures of her and I together.  What a bum I didn't get any.
More to come........