Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easter 2015

As usual we did candy filled eggs and also dye'd a dozen hard boiled eggs this easter.  Kids enjoy it, so I try and keep the tradition alive:).  

 Of course once the eggs are filled and colored, Nick and I head outdoors to hide them.  Elijah and Caden are getting way better at finding eggs, and Ellie is nearly passing up Liam in the "finding egg" department.  Liam didn't find a single one on his own this year.  I had to tell him specifically which bush to look in.  I think he thinks they will just jump out at him.

                                             Happy Easter!!

Life in the day of a girl....

....is so very different than life of a boy:)  It has been a complete JOY having a daughter in the midst of all these boys.  I love seeing how different they are yet, because she has older brothers she isn't completely all girl.
 If mommy does her hair, then you will find Ellie sitting on our bathroom counter "doing" her hair too.  Needless to say I have never been able to leave her creations in her hair as they are "way to wild" :)
 She doesn't typically take a nap, but you will almost always find her taking a nap on the week that I drive our little school bus to the private school our kids attend.
 Sadly this isn't the best picture but in her hands she has a baby doll in which she was talking to and having the baby doll look into her vanity set mirror.  so precious watching her.
 This winter I took to running laps around my basement and up my basement stairs and around my living room then back down to the basement I would go.  Over and over for around 30 minutes.  I did this all winter 3x a week.  Ellie got to be quite the runner herself.  She would run laps around the basement and periodically run up the steps too.  Below is her gear she wore one day....notice the cell phone in her hands. She said she was "wearing glasses" and "listening to music on her phone".  All of which I do too:)
 Many times she will disappear to the basement to go play in her kitchen.  She can be pretty creative as she makes her "soup" and I don't have a picture of it, but one day I went to check her out and she had all these lego men in her pot....just stirring away.
 There is always plenty of time for dress up too.  She is very much into Sophia the First.
 One day as I was getting my running clothes on she came running to me telling me she had her "head phones" and was ready to run.  HAAAAHAA!!!
 Another week of driving.....she fell asleep in the middle of the living room floor this time.
When her brothers are home from school and it isn't just Ellie and I in the house, you will catch Ellie wrestling with her brothers, playing cars in the basement and carrying around a Nerf gun.