Friday, April 26, 2013

Peanut exactly that......a PEANUT!!!
I was so excited for her ONE year appointment which was today.  To see how big she has gotten and how much she gained weight. 
It was nothing like I thought.  First off this peanut didn't even gain ONE SINGLE OUNCE!!!  Thats right folks she weighs in at 16 lbs 7 oz which is exactly what she was at 9 months.  Doctors a bit concerned but not overly concerned.  Usually at 12 months their weight evens out and sometimes they do not gain as much because they are now mobile and move around alot more.  The concern is that this peanut isn't really mobile so she can't use that as her excuse.  Then she has an ear infection and so is on antibiotics for that.  And she now gets to start Miralax because she isn't having much luck in the poo department either.  The good news is that her brother Caden didn't walk till he was 16 months so that gives me hope:)
None the less she must visit the doctor again in ONE MONTH for an ear check, a poo check, and a weight check. 
Thanks to sweet Lish for sending Ellie a birthday adorable outfit!!!