Sunday, September 8, 2013

Indiana Beach #2

So most years we go to Indiana Beach ONCE and that is when its free through Nick's work, however this year we went again with my aunt Val and her boys, then my grandma, aunt joan and my mom all tagged along as well.  I decided to let Ellie have a go at the rides for her first time ever.  BUT FIRST, I had to buy a pair of socks as she wasn't allowed to ride any rides barefoot????  The dumbest rule ever, as I'm pretty sure the socks on her feet did NOTHING since she doesn't walk anyways.
 I was concerned if she would scream and cry, but nope, this girl loves her rides.  She was grinning from ear to ear and was giggling.   The picture below is the exact smile she had throughout the whole ride.  Especially this particular ride since it was the fastest and she had to hang on tight!!!

 (notice her little gray socks??)
 This ride however started out good, but it was very jerky and about one round was enough.  She kept hitting her head on the side of the truck and was crying the entire time.  Poor little girl.
 So there is the part of Indiana Beach called Adventure Point.  It use to be that you had to pay extra to do it, but I found out this year throught Aunt Val that its now included in your ticket.  My boys were excited!!  I believe they did it three times before moving onto the next ride.

The kids had fun, but I can honestly say I hate spending money when it comes to Indiana Beach!!  Guess we will be sticking to the Once a Year from here on out:)