Thursday, October 1, 2015

Garden 2015 Totals

I am happy to say it was a very successful year in the garden.  I am so happy with the size of my garden and all that it holds.  Today was the last day of my canning days for this year.  Glad its done!!

Green Beans: 11 quarts
Dill Pickles: 24 quarts, 4 pints
Salsa: 33 pints
Tomato Juice: 28 quarts
Rhubarb Jam: 11 pints
Pickled Beets: 13 pints, 3 quarts
Freezer Corn: 12 quarts
Applesauce: 17.5 quarts (12 gallons apples picked)
Blueberries frozen: 24 lbs
Zuchini Bread: 20 loaves