Friday, January 2, 2015

4 Generations

We went to Minnesota this year for the Schmidt Christmas.  It had been 3 years since we had been to Minnesota so it was over due.  Three days before we lef,t Grandma had a small stroke and we were so glad she came out of the hospital quickly and was able to come to Christmas.  Should have gotten a picture of Grandpa and Grandma together but didn't.  This was the only picture we took.  4 Generation picture.  Love you grandma and pray you continue to feel better.

Haiti (Days 4-9)

 Monday thru Friday Nick would have to leave each morning to head to different Trade Schools to visit them and have meetings most of the day.  While he was away during the day I would do school with the kids in the mornings until about 10am.  Then the boys and I would walk over to Jan and Vals and hang out for the day.  The boys typically went off playing while I either helped around the house, or sat and talked with Tess or Alisha while Val was busy.  I don't have any pictures but a couple days I helped Alisha get ready for the next team that was coming in.  Nothing big, just small little jobs here and there.  In the evenings we would either go out to eat with the Gutwein clan, eat at their place, or eat at the guest house we stayed at.
Went out to eat at this Chinese place in Les Cayes
Here is a picture of us on top of the guest house.  Last time I was here in 2010 there was no second story to the guest house and there wasn't this really neat view.  So it was nice to climb to the roof and check it out.  
Another afternoon we all headed to the beach for some sun.  Jan and Nick both met us here in the evening for dinner.  It was fun eating on the beach and having really yummy lobster and fish.

One day Elijah and I went with Nick to the trade school Chantel.  We started off by singing songs in Creole.  Very interesting to say the least.  It was a good challenge.  While nick was in the meeting Elijah and I actually sat there and played hangman and dot to dot game quietly.  The meeting was of no interest to him or I and we had no clue what they were talking about for the most part.  However, I was glad to go to see what one of the schools looks like.

Above: eating at a restaurant after the meeting in town.  Very local food and because of that I didn't eat much of anything.  Not knowing how it was prepared and cleaned made me extremely nervous.  Last trip I was so sick from the foods, that this year I played it safe.  Glad I did now, because I never once was sick.
Below: this is the entry to the trade school we visited.  The older children had just arrived for their classes and it was, I believe, their opening prayer and instructions for the day.
One afternoon Nick got back early from his meetings and Uncle Jan was able to take us to CRP.  Oh how I loved seeing this place.  What a vision Zack B. had!!
The boys riding on the top of the jeep.  Definitely their favorite place to ride!!

These two girls took hold of my hands and I literally melted.  So precious.
Tess and I decorated Uncle Jan and Aunt Vals home for christmas one afternoon.  Alisha swung over when she had a chance.  She was busy getting ready for the incoming team.
On Saturday morning we flew out of Les Cayes in my Uncle Jan's plane.  We were crammed in and we had a bit to much luggag so we left a bag back in Haiti to lighten our load.  Thankfully the team that came next was from Bluffton so they brought our bag home with them the following week and we have our bag in our possesion now:).
Thanks Uncle Jan for the safe quick flight from Cayes to Port.....typically a 4 hour drive by car and it took us 45 minutes by plane.
Our flight from Port flew into Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we had an 8 hour lay over.  We weren't about to sit in the airport that long, so we got a taxi and went to the beach.  So fun to soak up some sun and enjoy a meal across from the ocean.  Ate at a hamburger joint.  Yummy!!!

We got home Sunday morning at 2am and were up and at it for church the next morning.  I think the boys enjoyed their trip and it was good for them to see a different culture.  Did they learn as much as I would have like to them have learned???  No, but perhaps my expectations were just a bit high:).