Friday, June 27, 2014

Caden's Golden Birthday!!

Caden's birthday was June 9th.  He typically has a "friends" party, but this year my sister Tricia and her family just happen to be in town for the week on Caden's birthday.  So he asked if he could have his girl cousins over for his party.  So I decided to invite the entire Gutwein family to come have a day of fun in the sun and then eat dinner at our place and have a small party for Caden.  He chose the Despicable Me theme.
 Made up some napkins/silverware combo.  Then made a banner to hang up.

 Decorated the tables to be minions and made some little minion people to put onto the tables.

Saw this on pintrest and made little minion vases.  

Jerry and Jancie Gutwein's Grandkids!!

 Then I decided to asks my parents if they wanted to rent this slide for the family:).  Of course they were happy to and wow did we every have fun!!  The adults of course joined in the fun and we had obstacle course races, we had timed races and we had two people head on races.  Lots of tackling, fighting, and even a few injuries:(.  How are you feeling tricia???  Thanks to mom and dad for a fun fun time!!!  We all LOVED it.

 Then it was time to head in for dinner.  Loaded (anything and everything you can imagine) haystacks and fresh fruit.
 Kids tables filled with little kiddos and basement table had the older kiddos.

 Caden opening his cards.  He asked for money this year.  Had plans to purchase a new ipod touch, but then found out his brother wanted to sell his, so he bought Elijah's used Ipod touch.  Now he has money left over to spend elsewhere.
 I made a half sheet cake minion for him.  I think he was happy with the end results.
 Happy GOLDEN 9th birthday Caden!!!!  We love you so very much!!