Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elijah's Birthday

Elijah turned 11 years old back on May 11th!!!  His golden birthday:)
I really didn't know what to make cake wise for his birthday and so my plan were to get an ice cream cake from the patio drive in.  Then 2 days before his party I saw this lego cake and decided to give it a shot.  Granted these are large duplo lego's but he didn't care as they were still legos:).

 He had 3 school buddies over(one being his cousin) and then also had a church friend as well.
 They played some basketball in the rain. 

 Elijah opened his gifts.
 And then things took a turn for the worst.  One of the kiddos got sick and threw up in the basement.  So I moved the party to the upstairs living room, we called the parents of the sick boy and they came to get him.  They played some games, then started watching a movie.  Then around midnight another one of his friends wasn't feeling well and he went home as well. 

So perhaps Elijah's Golden birthday party wasn't so "golden" but he said he had fun none the less.

Happy 11th Birthday Elijah.  We love you so much!!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Beauty Salon

 When I was looking thru pictures on my camera and came across these from a few weeks ago, I was taken back a bit.  You see.....this is a whole new experience for me.  To sit my little daughter on the counter and work at her hair.  At first it was awful.  I didn't know how or what to do with it, but over time I am slowly getting the hang of it.  Its hard when her head is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!  She doesn't know how to sit still yet.
 And she is finished:).   Pretty little girly!!