Saturday, July 16, 2016

Punta Cana, DR

Happy 15th Anniversary!  
We took a belated trip to the Dominican Republic in April.  Neither one of us had been there and had heard it was a nice place.  Even had friends stay at this exact resort that we stayed at.
 Just got off the plane and heading into the was cloudless beautiful skies.....too bad we didn't realize it was going to be one of two nice days we were going to have.
 We stayed in the preferred club which was more quiet then out in the non preferred club.  We had our own swimming pool right outside of our door so that was nice(when we used it).
our bedroom.  toilet and shower behind the brown closet
Our room wasn't actually ready when we got there so we enjoyed lunch while we waited.  We tried the calamari here on the first day and every day after we ordered it while we sat on the beach. (rain or shine....literally)

We sat in the same chairs in the preferred section every day(rain or shine) hopes that on the rainy days the sun would come out.  This was our first day. 
 And EVERY.SINGLE.DAY at least two weddings happened right beside our chairs.  Nothing like up front and center to see everyone's weddings.  This couple was the only couple we saw get married in the sunshine!!

The next morning we ate breakfast at the Seaside Grill.  Then headed straight out to the beach for a morning of sunshine.  It was so nice to sit and relax and swim in the ocean.

Dinner time!

This is the preferred club pool.  Our room is in the background....ground floor room on the right corner.

Every morning we walked to the coffee shop for our morning coffee.  Yummy!  Yes that is a sweatshirt wrapped around my waist!!!  Nick and I were heading out in the rain to walk the grounds over and over again until we got the distance we wanted that morning.  You just gotta make the best of rainy weather......scrabble anyone????  We played this quite a bit on our trip.  They had several games inside the preferred club lobby.

More coffee midday:)
There always seems to be time to act "not our age".  Always have to have some goofy pictures....right??

 Another beach walk was underway.  Look at those amazing clouds...Ha!!

Didn't think to get my phone out until it was going back up....but there was even a small waterspout that formed.
The pool that I think we got into three times max!
Is the sun going to shine today??  Maybe just maybe??

                Yummy food at this resort.  And some really good drinks too!!

This was the night in which venders come into the resort.  We got all our boys a Tiki necklace(which nick is wearing:), and we got Ellie a pink bracelet(which I am wearing).

On the last day nick decided to give wind surfing a shot.  He didn't do so bad.  
 Yet another dinner and again some really good food.
Look at that sky......this is the day we left.  It was almost cloudless!!  Which made it super hard to leave.  
Although it was not ideal weather for a beach vacation we still enjoyed our time and recommend the resort.  However both Nick and I don't have much desire to return to DR.  We will be ready to try a "new" place and "new" destination.