Sunday, June 23, 2013

Caden's 8th Birthday!!

Better late than never.....right?????   
Caden turned 8 years old on June 9th.  He wanted a "friends" birthday party so that's exactly what he got.  He invited 4 of his close church buddies, but only 3 of them could come.  Caden chose Phineas and Ferb theme this year.

 They played outside all afternoon.  Dodge ball is what they were playing here.
And they drove the go kart till it actually quit working!!!
 Then it was time for presents.  He got the much wanted razor siege he has been asking for.

 Of course I would have happily made him a cake like I do all my other children, but he wanted an ice cream cake.  Of course I was happy to have a break from cake decorating but I tell you what those puppies are expensive and I think I'll push for decorating a cake next time.  (even though I was thrilled I didn't have to decorate another cake this time:))

 Happy 8th birthday sweet Caden!!  We love you and enjoy your energy in our home.  He sure do bring many smiles to our faces and often Nick and I just laugh at the funny things you do. 

I looks like he is 5 years old....but take note to the other 3 candles:)  5+3=8