Friday, January 9, 2015


What else do you do on snow days besides play in snow????  You get creative and make indoor forts.  They boys got out oodles of blankets and set to work creating this huge 4 room fort.  They loved it so much they played in it for nearly 3 hours and NO FIGHTING was heard either in those 3 hours!!  
They really had much fun that Elijah, Caden and Liam slept in the tent over night.  
 The kids were looking through old scrapbooks and came across a picture of me and my roommates in college (briana, rachel and miranda) making this exact tower.  They insisted on doing it too. Yes, ellie so wanted to be the top of it, but I wouldn't let her since the tower was VERY unsteady!!!

Christmas Celebrations

We had several Christmas celebrations this year that we attended, including the Schmidt Christmas that I posted a couple posts back.  I hosted the Leon Waibel Christmas at our house.  Below is a picture of the first cousins with Leon.
 Then we also had the Jerry Gutwein Christmas and invited Gramps/Grams and aunt Joan to this
Christmas since this year my sister Tricia and her family were unable to come home for Christmas.  The first time that's ever happened in 14 years.  We sure missed them, but thankful to have a wonderful Christmas non the less.
 Obviously we had our own family Christmas too:).  We started out with a fancy meal in the dinning room with our good china(tradition).

 Then we clean up dishes and open stockings and gifts.
 Then we typically have Chocolate Fondue but Elijah has been begging to make cheesecake and so I asked the kids if we could change it this year.  So below is Elijah's cheesecake he made.  We all agree it was good, but we are going back to the Fondue next year:)
 The Gerry Waibel Christmas had yet another wonderful array of appetizers as our main meal.  Oh it was so good!!  Always look forward to what everyone brings.  Oh and NO.....Elijah and Avery had NO IDEA they were both wearing those sweatshirts.  Kelli nor I knew each other had bought them as Christmas gifts for our boys!!  Guess we must have a similar taste.

Snow Days

Christmas Break is over, kids returned to school on Tuesday, just to then have the remainder of the week off again.  Snow days.  Seems to be a repeat of last year.  Thankfully my kids made the most of it and even though bitter cold they ventured outdoors at least twice daily.  They would stay out for about 1 hour then I MADE them come in a couple times to warm up with hot chocolate and another layer of clothes:).  This morning I decided to put on a coat, gloves and ear gear and head out myself to snap a few pictures.  Wow, its windy and cold out there.  Glad my boys love it and don't mind the cold to much.
 We put up a snow fence this year for the first time and yay its working!!  And now the kids have a nice drift to work with too.
 Building a wall to protect them from the wind.  Nice work!!!  Way to be creative!!

Happy Snow Days to I am really ready for a full week of school next week:) !!  Its due time to get back into a routine!!