Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Liam.  
We had a fun time celebrating Liam's 7th birthday back in March.  His actual birthday is the 20th of March but we had his party on the 13th.  
Liam chose a Lego theme. It was fun planning this party.  I decided to make it a "build your own" menu.  Sadly I failed to take a picture of the food bars itself but we had a build your own burger bar and a build your own salad bar.  Liam chose a build your own sundae bar as well so that meant no cake decorating......but then I saw on pintrest brownies that were frosted into lego's.  So I decided that looked cute and I figured it was easy enough.  

We also created his name and several other words out of lego's to display around.  I think he had a good time.  

 I also found lego molds on amazon so I bought them and made jello jigglers out of them.  Wow, that was time consuming but oh so fun to eat!!

Liam got several great gifts.

it took him 3 times to blow out all 7 candles.  I guess when they are spread so far apart on each lego it takes more air.
We love you Liam and are so very thankful for you and the joy you bring to our family.  Happy Birthday little man!!