Friday, July 3, 2015

Pure Disgust.....

We came home from St. Louis to find a basement with an inch of water throughout the entire basement.  While we were gone many inches of rain fell.  Our sump pump outside that empties the tiles around our house underground stopped working.  We didn't realize this until after working 5 hours on extracting water that the water was still coming in through the ground/wall base.  Once we got the pump working the water stopped coming in and we finally made progress on removing the water.  My dad, grandpa, dad's hired man, nick, and I worked from 8am-1pm using shop vac's to remove most of the water.  We then called in a company to finish the job.

Never in all my grandfathers life has he seen this much water sitting around.  Here is our front yard!!
It is now been nearly three weeks since our flooded front yard and we officially have a drive way back.  Our yard still isn't completely mowable yet, but we are getting there.
This was about three days after we got home that Nick had to go down into the sump pump area because it was back leaking because of all the pressure of water underground and around the tile.  This was at 11pm at night!!  I was holding a lantern for him to see.
The following are just several pictures from our basement area.  

We had to remove the carpet due to the stainmaster pad that was underneath the carpet.  It has a plastic top which didn't allow the water extraction company to remove the amount they felt was safe for drying purposes without getting mold.  When they removed our carpet they found MOLD!!  (not from this water issue but from when my dear son left a window open and I failed to dry it properly).  So we had them remove the 9ftX14ft piece of molded carpet in hopes we could still order the same carpet.  Sadly it no longer is available.
Baseboards were also removed to help dry it faster.
We are currently under construction here at the waibel household and will be until sometime in August when new flooring will be laid in the basement.  I am currently in the midst of painting.  Stay tuned sometime in august for a finished basement project.

PS: I am counting my blessings it was only an inch of water and ONLY water.....and not sewer like some around here had.