Thursday, June 4, 2015

May 11th

Can it be??  Do I really have a TEENAGER???
Happy 13th Birthday Elijah!!
 Elijah chose to have one last family birthday celebration.  I told him this was his final year of making a huge ordeal out of his birthday.  Yes, we will still celebrate his birthday yearly, but will just do it a more simple style.  Maybe a friend or two, going out to eat, etc.
We had his party in the garage as we had 24 people and I don't have enough table seats indoors.  Jayla and Jackie were able to join us as well since my parents were babysitting them the weekend of the party.

 And THEN we had a huge interruption....a very large snake was slithering right outside of our garage door!!!  WHAT???  OH. MY. WORD.....I have seen a snake here and there in my yard when mowing but I have NEVER seen one this size!!!  I was in utter disgust.  Needless to say I still watch where I walk when walking in the grass.  You just never know........

 The kids had a water balloon fight, rode the zip line and enjoyed the go kart.  Then it was time for gifts....
Elijah wanted a gun cleaning set.  So this was his gift from Aunt Karis and Uncle folded into a gun.

Elijah went shopping beforehand with Grandpa and Grandma Waibel so this was the gift of what he had picked out.
 Elijah didn't have a theme for his party except for the fact that his napkins had a 13th on them.  So he picked 2- 4 layered cakes for me to make and wanted Coffee ice cream and Vanilla ice cream to go with it:).
Pumpkin Pecan Cake with a Brown Butter Cream Cheese Frosting.

Chocolate Raspberry Torte

Kids Birthday/Christmas Gifts

This year for Christmas we got out kids something they have been asking for since we moved to this house nearly 6 years ago!!  Needless to say they were thrilled and were fine with the fact that when they opened it up for Christmas this year that we told them this was their birthday gift for this year as well:). 
 A Zip Line!!
This was at the beginning stage when the zip line was up but the proper zip line platform was incomplete.  Nick giving it a go and trying it out.  The zip line is 180 ft long.

 Notice the ladder that was just propped up against the tree house so we could stand on the roof.
Elijah took his turn

Caden took a turn

Even Ellie took a turn
And then the platform was complete by Elijah's family birthday party and this allowed anyone who wanted to to feel somewhat "safe" and have a ride.  
This is my Grandpa Gutwein doing it. 
 You will notice my grandpa isn't wearing a safety harness.  We didn't make the adults wear one if they didn't want to, however it is MANDATORY that any child who rides this zip line MUST wear a harness!!
My dad even did the zip line.

And to top it off my mother did it as well.  She didn't climb the ladder but rather we pulled her up by a rope to the top and then let her "go".
Thanks to Nick for building such a nice platform.  Anyone who wants a ride.....give us a call. :)