Friday, September 6, 2013

Family Fun Night

On Saturday, August 10th, Nick and I decided since we weren't doing much that evening and it would be fun to surprise the kids and take them to Lafayette to eat out and go putt putt.  We told them to get dressed and we were heading to Lafayette.  We went to Olive Garden first(had a gift card:) and ate dinner.  Then we drove over to the putt putt place and the kids were excited.  We don't do stuff like this to often so when we do, our kids get overly excited and usually have a great time.
 Daddy trying to get the ball in the hole.
 Of course the boys wanted to pose.  This is how Elijah told everyone to stand:)
 Elijah trying for a hole in ONE, but no such luck.
 Liam, well....we didn't keep score for him.  Lets just say I lost track of how many times he hit the ball!!
 Ellie wasn't the happiest baby girl in her stroller, although this picture is a bit deceiving:).
The last and final hole.  Of course after adding our scores, we weren't surprised to find out that Daddy won.

We then headed out and went to Cold Stone Creamery.  Another huge treat for the kids.  Once again we had a gift card!!