Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy 12th Birthday!!

I realize this post is way over due!!  Elijah turned 12 on May 11th, but we did not have a party for him until May 31st.  He wanted to wait until school was out for the year.  He decided to have just a couple friends over and go bowling, then out for pizza and back to our house for a slumber party.  So he invited his cousin Avery and his really good friend Ethan.
All ready to bowl!!  Played two games.  Avery won the first game and Elijah the second game.

After a few pointers from Nick, Avery was ready to bowl.  He hadn't bowled since he was 5 yrs old I think.

 No pictures at pizza hut, but then we came home.  Elijah opening his gifts.  He got a water gun from Ethan and candy/gift card to Barnes and Noble from Avery.

 Cake Time!!  I gave Elijah many different options and recipes to look at and even a few cookbooks to look through to find what cake he wanted.  This is the cake he chose.  A three layered Salted Caramel Cake.

Enjoying the cake and ice cream.
Thanks Avery and Ethan for coming over and making Elijah's birthday extra special.  You two are very dear friends of his and we are so thankful he has friends like you!!

We love you Elijah and continue to pray you keep Christ in the center of your life and lean on HIM when times get tough.  Happy 12th Birthday!!!