Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Puzzles anyone????

Our family enjoys puzzles.  Perhaps its not so much Nick, but we all usually end up working on them.
This Christmas we asked for a few 500+ pieces of puzzles.  We ended up with 5 new puzzles that were 1000 pieces each.
 When we returned from Florida on January 5th we set to work at the puzzles.  Our dinning room table became the puzzle center.  Our first puzzle we completed.
 Elijah got this 3D puzzle from his Aunt and Uncle and this is what we put together next.  This one remains put together since its useful and is in the office for display.

Nick traveled in January for a week and during that week we put together the above puzzle and the next one too. Cant seem to rotate this puzzle for some reason??
 Cant rotate this one either, but this puzzle was brought home by my parents from Florida and its a 500 piece puzzle and yep, we had that done in a day too:)

 And this puzzle, its got a story....we completed this puzzle in January and I went to blog about puzzles and couldn't find this puzzle anywhere in my pictures.  So yep, I went down stairs, retrieved this puzzle from the closet and Liam and I set to work on it yesterday at 11am.  By 5pm we had this puzzle completed once again.  It was so much easier the second time around since it was fresh in my mind on what the pieces looked like and where they went!!  Liam was a faithful helper and does an outstanding job on puzzles.  If I have a piece and am unsure of where it goes....I hand it to Liam to figure out!!!