Monday, September 9, 2013

Canning Season

Its that time of year when I pull out my empty jars and begin the process of canning to refill those jars that I used over the past year.  After blueberry season and we got our blueberries picked and frozen, its then time for the tomatoes to come.  So this year I canned 22 quarts of tomato juice.  I still had 10 quarts left from last year so it looks like 32 quarts is enough for now to get us through a year.  Im sure that will change as the boys get older and I have to make more food.
 The jars in the oven stay nice and warm so that I can put the hot juice into them.
 Ahhh.....delicious juice setting on the counter just waiting for me to hear the "pop" before putting them into the cupboard.

 Sweet Ellie just hanging around while I work in the kitchen. Don't mind her crazy hair day:)
 Two years ago I tried making salsa.  Sadly no one liked the flavor and I threw it all out.  So this year I decided to give it another go around and find a new recipe.  I'll be honest here....its still sitting in the cupboard waiting to be tasted!!!  I don't have chips around the house and I keep forgetting to buy them so we can taste my salsa.
 Hopefully its good because I made 9 pints this year.  Canning season isn't quite over yet....or maybe it is, but I did try my hand at making applesauce this year, and freezing it,  so more to come on that later.