Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter Progression

So Ellie was begging to go outside.  Last year she hated the snow and I wasn't really in the mood to dress her all up just to get her out there to cry.  But Caden insisted I give it a try.  So, much to my dismay I bundled her up.

 Caden puts her on this sled (on the sidewalk mind you), and she screams and cries and wants off and back in the house.  I didn't budge to quickly and I figured Id leave her out there a bit to cry and realize that she indeed didn't really like snow(and maybe I was hoping that she wouldn't ask to go out again:)).
 But before long Caden had her tears under control and he was helping her walk in the snow....
And then...even touch the snow.......
 And before long she was crawling in the snow.  I opened up the door and asked her if she was having fun to which she replied "yes".  I busied about the house and checked on her again and found her like this.....
 Back into that sled she went and was having a ball.  I guess.....thanks to Caden's diligent efforts she was out for nearly an hour having the time of her life.

 The very next day the kids went out to play and of course Ellie wanted to play outside too.  So I bundled her up and out she went.  When we have a small amount of snow and really no large drifts to get stuck in, the boys love getting out the go-kart.  They tie a ski rope to the back, get their round flying sauce snow sled, and have a blast.  Within a few short minutes of Ellie being outside she was already flying around the yard with Caden on the disc and loving it!!!

Now I am not a fan of winter by any means, but when there is just a small amount of snow and the weather is nice......the kids will play for hours out there and well,,,,,,that I like!!!