Sunday, June 23, 2013

Caden's 8th Birthday!!

Better late than never.....right?????   
Caden turned 8 years old on June 9th.  He wanted a "friends" birthday party so that's exactly what he got.  He invited 4 of his close church buddies, but only 3 of them could come.  Caden chose Phineas and Ferb theme this year.

 They played outside all afternoon.  Dodge ball is what they were playing here.
And they drove the go kart till it actually quit working!!!
 Then it was time for presents.  He got the much wanted razor siege he has been asking for.

 Of course I would have happily made him a cake like I do all my other children, but he wanted an ice cream cake.  Of course I was happy to have a break from cake decorating but I tell you what those puppies are expensive and I think I'll push for decorating a cake next time.  (even though I was thrilled I didn't have to decorate another cake this time:))

 Happy 8th birthday sweet Caden!!  We love you and enjoy your energy in our home.  He sure do bring many smiles to our faces and often Nick and I just laugh at the funny things you do. 

I looks like he is 5 years old....but take note to the other 3 candles:)  5+3=8

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico 2013

We were so blessed this past week to take a vacation just Nick and I to Mexico.  We did pretty much nothing but relax and we truly enjoyed our time of doing nothing but soaking up the sun each day and enjoying one another's company.  We went to Grand Princess Riviera Resort in Playa Del Carmen.  It was a beautiful resort.  Well kept, but not sure we would ever return:).  Rooms were only half decent and the food was NOTHING to talk about.  Needless to say we didn't gain much weight at an all inclusive resort since we didn't find much to eat.  :)
 The entrance to the resort.  Big and beautiful looking!!
 One of the many, many pools!!  We spent EVERY evening here after we had spent ALL day at the beach.
 This was our view every day from 8:30am-4:30pm.  We sat in the same spot each day. It was reserved for what rooms we had so it wasn't hard to get a seat in the morning.  We always choose the end for sun reasons and because it was a great view of the ocean without a lot of people blocking our view.  It was also under a hut so we could get shade if we wanted it.

 Our room.  We asked for three different things with our room(like king bed, 3rd floor and ocean view) and we got none of it.   So we stuck our double beds together and it seemed to work out just fine.
 Random pictures of us on our way to dinner each night.  The resort was about a 10 minute walk from one end, near the beach (and where our room was), toward inland to the front of the resort(where all the nightly restaurants were).  We absolutely loved that walk back and forth but if you aren't someone who enjoys that then this place might not be for you, because it is a large resort with lots of walking!!!

 This was the beach food every day..  Chips and salsa everyday and then they would change out the main course each day.
 Two days we had Paella which is a rice and seafood dish.  We LOVED this and were glad to eat at the beach each day as that is where we found the best food.
 On Monday we knew the weather wasn't going to be nice and we didn't mind getting wet, so we chose to go into town and walk around.  Once we got to town though, the weather cleared off and we didn't ever need the umbrellas we brought.

 Another of the pools at night.  Breathtaking!!!
And these next four pictures are just because.....several nights we were just up for some fun and we would do goofy shots. 


 And last but not least as I have over 100 pictures....this is what we got to come home to!!  Oh man, I missed my kids like I had never before on a vacation.  The boys are wearing the shirts we bought them and Ellie is wearing the headband a lady at the beach made for her.
What a great vacation we had.  We couldn't have taken this vacation without the help of my parents, nick's parents and my aunt joan.  So a huge shout out to them and their hard efforts in keeping our kids the entire week.  We love you and are so grateful for you!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Knoxville, Wedowee, Atlanta....

What a long week we had, but a fun week none the less.  This is a warning.....long post ahead:)
 We started our week off with Knoxville, TN.  Nick worked at the "old plant he use to work at" and the kids and I hung out with some of my old friends.  We made sure to hit up the yummy restaurants while in Knoxville that we don't have here in Indiana.
 Lakeside Tavern.  Delish food, great atmosphere and the kids LOVED eating outside on the lake.  Beautiful night!!  Both Nick and I got the Ahi Tuna rare.  The ONLY way to eat Tuna in our book:)
 On Tuesday we spent the day with one of my best friends in Tennessee, Gina S.  Love this girl and hold her close to my heart.
We spent an hour or so at the splash pad.  A place we use to take the kids together when I lived there.  Great time, great memories.  AND miss those times like crazy!!  No pictures sadly, but on Wednesday I met up with yet another great friend Wendy H. and we once again came to the splash pad for the day.

 Then of course we had to hit up one of the best ice cream shops that we know of.  Of course we don't hit up ice cream shops often so there are probably some really good ones out there.  We just KNOW we LOVE BRUSTERS!!!  Ellie's very first ice cream cone all by herself.  It was free:)!!  We have a video, but won't bore you with it.  Its of her daddy taking her cone away from her and her throwing a huge temper tantrum!!  Pathetic!!!!
 Then onto Wedowee, AL to spend 3 days at the lake with our wonderful friends Philip and Lana S. and family.  Such fun times, great memories and lots of sun and water!!!

 Sweet Ellie had a day of feeling awful.  She basically slept the entire day away.  Here I captured her in all her glory that day........yeah no glory found:(.  Needless to say the next day she was her chipper self.  And what does she have to show for that sick day????    HER THIRD TOOTH:)

 Nick jumping, I mean diving from the neighbors dock.  Not the smartest thing to do.  He didn't do it again after I saw it:)
Nick took each of the boys out on the jet ski to "drive" it.  They loved it, except Liam....who by the way didn't even swim, but stayed at the waters edge the entire 3 days just playing by the water.  Silly boy!!!
Nick wakeboarding.

                                                              Elijah wakeboarding.

Caden Wakeboarding for his very first time.
Both boys kneeboarding behind the jet ski.

 Ellie and Mommy sitting on the boat.....yeah that's all we did on the water.  I wasn't about to risk damaging my ear.  My slalom skiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding days are over:(

Ellie stuck her feet in ONCE and she never even got her suit on.
Fun times had by all.  Sadly I don't have a picture of sunday morning heading to church with our dear friends Philip and Lana, Naomi, Chloe, Rudy, Rocky and Avery S.
Thanks for hosting us and being with us at the lake!!!