Friday, September 13, 2013

6th and 3rd

What, really????  A 6th grader and a 3rd grader????  How is that possible.  Am I really old enough to have a JR High Student????  
 Tuesday, September 3rd was the kids' first day of school.  Its SO VERY NICE not starting until after Labor Day.  I love that we have the entire month of August to still enjoy summer!!!  Nick stayed home a little longer this morning and made the boys French Toast.  Its what they asked for.

 All ready to walk out the door and thankfully they both were super excited.  I had my doubts as Caden isn't a fan of school normally, but on Monday(the day before school started) he said to me "I am so excited I wish I could go to school today".  I was thrilled to hear that as hopefully his excitement will help him excel this year.  He struggles a great deal with reading (but so did I) and I keep telling him to have a positive outlook on it because he will catch on, and he will become a great reader one day.

 Elijah was ready for school probably a month ago!!  He was so excited to have a new classroom AND a new teacher this year.  He is a smart boy if he wants to be.  When he is pushed and challenged he excels.  He LOVES to draw and write stories.  In fact, just yesterday, he sat down and drew up a layout  for our back patio.  Of course when he was done he wanted to know when we would build it, and I sadly told him "in like 8 years when we have the money".  He wasn't happy with that response.
I pray you two boys can be Godly examples at school, showing love and kindness to those who you are around during the day.  I remind them that when life is hard and people are not kind, to learn from it, and remember how it made them feel.  "Turn the other cheek" is something I remind my kids often.  I love you boys and I love watching you grow!!!  Have a fabulous 2013-2014 school year!!!