Monday, September 16, 2013

Taylor, MO

On a wednesday night, nick was to be in Taylor, MO for a topical bible study.  Our original plan was for him to sadly drive the 5 hour drive by himself, as I was needing to stay home with the kids. Plus they had school the next day.  But then nick gets a brilliant idea and asks Brad N. if he was busy and would want to take a flight to Taylor with his plane.  It was super fast, instead of a 5 hour trip, it was an hour and 15 minutes and the boys got the privilege of their very first flight outside of the state.  They were beyond excited.  It is a nice plane, holds 6 people, and our pilot was great!!!  Thanks Brad for taking us to Taylor and getting us home in record time:).

 We got home at 12:30am so this was how Caden was when we touched down at the airport.  Thankfully he got some sleep since school was the next day, but man, that just looks uncomfortable!!!
As we were leaving and thanking Brad for the flight, Elijah goes up to Brad and says "whenever you are ready to sell the plane, just ask my dad to buy it".  Elijah kept telling me that his "dad needs to buy a plane and that way it can be handed down to him when he is finished with it."  Smart boy, smart boy!!!