Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday Caden!!

Caden wanted to wait to celebrate his June 9th birthday when his cousins from Florida came to Indiana on June 26th.  So we had a big birthday bash with 36+ people.  Hosted it in the garage.
Caden opening his presents.

Took a picture with his Aunt Tricia because June 26th is the actual birthday for her.  So we kind of did a dual celebration.

Caden picked dirt pudding for his cake.  I asked Tricia what she wanted for her cake and she chose Tiramisu.
I had NEVER made it before and personally always wanted to try this gave me a great reason to make it. It was really good, but it was time consuming and needless to say I am not sure I'll ever make it again.
Although I once again don't have the greatest pictures and man, I am regretting the lack of pictures for sure.  We did have a fun time celebrating your 11th birthday Caden.  You are a good kid.  We love you and pray you grow up to be a God fearing man.  Happy Birthday!!

This and That

This summer we decided to let the kids get some kittens.  They were so excited.  Pets sadly do NOT last long around here as we live close to a busy road and we have animals that will hunt kittens as their prey.  
Ellie with Spice

Caden holding spice and Ellie holding sugar

 In June Caden took a spill on the pavement.  He was on a ripstick being pulled by Elijah who was on the mower.  Ahhhh......boys will be boys.  Caden's wheel hit a stone on the pavement and he went down hard.  Thankfully no broken bones but we sure have some scars that remain.

 WARNING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> next picture is gross.

For two weeks my sister Tricia and her girls came to Indiana.  It was so nice having them here for that long.  They came for vbs and then also for a week of relaxing.  We hit up Indiana Beach one day.
Ellie LOVED the rides.  Sadly I get sick on any ride but thankfully Tricia's sister in law who was here that week as well loves rides and was Ellie's side kick on EVERY RIDE ELLIE WAS TALL ENOUGH TO RIDE!!!!!

cousin fun

Aunt Joan did the honors of taking Ellie on the bumper cars.  

more cousin fun...there wasn't a line so the kids rode this 4 times in a row!!
 And then we got a couple more kittens to help Sugar and Spice not be so bored.
Elijah holding Pepper

Caden holding Salt
Sadly since these pictures....Sugar, Salt and Pepper are gone.  We have gotten a few more named Brown Sugar, Poppy and Sage.  Our remaining kittens to date are Spice, Brown Sugar and Poppy.

Summer Fun on Lake Mississinewa

We have been boating several times this year at Mississinewa Lake.  Its been a ton of fun.  In June we were heading to the lake for the day and told Caden he could pick one friend to come with.  Caden chose his cousin Alivia.  I think Alivia was thrilled since it wasn't long ago her brother got to go boating with us during Elijah's birthday camping trip.

She was bound and determined to sit up front and center.  She never moved from that spot until it was her turn to get in the water.
She was so brave.  She tried double skiing but wasn't able to get up to well.  So she was willing to try wakeboarding.
And yes, even though I don't have a good picture of her up....she was out of the water for a few moments.  Great job!!
A first time for everything.

 Always fun to pack a lunch and have a picnic on the back of the boat.

 Then it was tubing time.  Caden and Alivia rode the tube a long time and then they let Ellie join in on the fun.

Hmmmmm I think we wore out the girls?  What do you think?

Happy 14th Birthday Elijah

Talk about pathetic picture taking when it doesn't involve a huge birthday bash.....
Elijah chose to pick a friend and go camping for his 14th birthday.  We packed up the camper, brought Avery Pritts along and spent a weekend at Lake Mississinewa in Peru.

Lots and Lots of tubing.  Avery wasn't up for much more than tubing so that is pretty much all they did on the water.

They set up their own tent and I think they enjoyed being on their own away from the parents.

Ok so you may wonder what this picture is all about, but we went and did disc golf.  Everyone was really good at it EXCEPT me.  When I threw my frisbee it would go in all directions.  So everyone learned to "take cover" when I was up to throw.

Even though there wasn't a huge deal out of his birthday I am pretty sure he had a good time camping with his cousin.  It won't surprise me if this is what he picks next year too.
I know I say this probably every birthday but its true.....where does the time go??  To think that I have a Freshman this year.....a HIGH SCHOOL son!!  Wow!!
Happy Birthday Elijah.  We love you and we pray you stay dedicated to whats important.