Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So I guess my blog wasn't missed much since no one asked why I have not updated in 2 months, but that's fine:).  I don't technically do it for you all anyways.  I do it for myself and when I make blog books on blurb.  So its time I get caught up for MY SAKE:)

June was a pretty cool month weather wise, but we were able to get ourselves to Indiana Beach for Nick's work picnic and the kids had a good time.

 The ONE and ONLY ride I will go on.  I get so sick any more when riding rides.  Thankfully Caden was a wonderful chauffeur and kept the car on the track!!

 Dippin Dots....a food my kids love!!  We thankfully do not have to buy these as they are part of our "food" that is provided thru Tate & Lyle Picnic.  What a plus!  Honestly the kids wouldn't have gotten them had it not been for T&L!!
 Of course Ellie got her first taste of those tiny little dots of ice cream and she LOVED it!!  Pretty much ate the entire cup full.
 Daddy on the other hand can handle rides and so he will enjoy them with the older boys.
 And this is what Ellie thought by the end of the day!!