Thursday, August 6, 2015

Produce Tally Thus Far

Some of you may have read awhile back that I TRIPLED the size of my garden!!  Phew am I exhausted and ready for vacation:).

Its been a good year.  The garden has done pretty well. I was having trouble with my zucchini plants this year with blossom rot, but with some lime and calcium my plants overcame that obstacle and have produced MORE THAN enough zucchini.

After the lettuce was finished I planted another two rows of beets so that this fall I can do some canning there.  I hope to can around 10 quarts of beets.

My green beans did great (compared to last year) and I had them in abundance so I tried my hand at canning green beans as well which is new to me this year.

Here is the run down of what I have done this summer in "putting up" produce for the winter.

Green Beans: 8 quarts
Dill Pickles: 21 quarts and 4 pints
Salsa: 33 pints
Rhubarb Jam: 11 pints
Applesauce: 17.5 quarts
Blueberries: 24 lbs picked
Sweet Corn: 9 quarts

I also take the abundance of zucchini's that I have and make bread and freeze those.  So I have done 18 loaves of zucchini bread.

My regular tomatoes are NOT ready yet.  Only the roma tomatoes which is what I make salsa with.  So once those regular tomatoes are ready I hope to do my usual 30 quarts of juice.  We shall see if I can get that many tomatoes this year.  My tomato plants don't look the greatest.  With all the high winds and rain we had in June each of my tomato plants blew over at least 3 times causing them to be uprooted.  Each time I added more "steaks" into the ground to hold down the cages and I replanted the plants.  So we shall see.

I anxiously await VACATION!!!!!