Friday, April 26, 2013

Peanut exactly that......a PEANUT!!!
I was so excited for her ONE year appointment which was today.  To see how big she has gotten and how much she gained weight. 
It was nothing like I thought.  First off this peanut didn't even gain ONE SINGLE OUNCE!!!  Thats right folks she weighs in at 16 lbs 7 oz which is exactly what she was at 9 months.  Doctors a bit concerned but not overly concerned.  Usually at 12 months their weight evens out and sometimes they do not gain as much because they are now mobile and move around alot more.  The concern is that this peanut isn't really mobile so she can't use that as her excuse.  Then she has an ear infection and so is on antibiotics for that.  And she now gets to start Miralax because she isn't having much luck in the poo department either.  The good news is that her brother Caden didn't walk till he was 16 months so that gives me hope:)
None the less she must visit the doctor again in ONE MONTH for an ear check, a poo check, and a weight check. 
Thanks to sweet Lish for sending Ellie a birthday adorable outfit!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Ellie Mae turned 1 year old today!!!  Where did that year go?  When Nick and I considered having our fourth child I actually made a pro and con list.  I know, rediculous, but the truth none the less.  Nick wanted 4 kids way more than I ever did.  One of the biggest cons on my list(which yes I sadly had more cons than pros) was that I do not care for the baby stage, nor the breastfeeding or sleepless night stage.  It wears on me and I tend to get postpartum depression. 
Now as I look back on this past year I marvel at how easy it went and how fast!  How good of a baby girl she was (and still is:)).  I had 10 weeks of sleepless nights and a pretty much painful 7 months of breastfeeding.  Why did I do 7 months??  I should have quit so much sooner, but I wanted to do all I could to loose the baby weight and it was just so much cheaper.  But man, it was rough!!  So rough that at 4 months into breastfeeding that I went to get a breast exam done because it was so painful and they thought there could be a chance of cancer.  Praise God it was just over productive glands. 
She didn't require much attention and she was content just laying around on the floor.  (and she still is:))
I find her opening drawers in the kitchen now, and inchworming her way across the floor and in fact, sunday evening she pulled herself up in her crib.  Not to a standing position, but to her knees.  Thats a start my friends:).
I am SO thankful Nick was persistant on baby #4 because I would have missed out on yet another little miracle in our lives.  Praise God for our sweet baby girl. 
 Theme for her party was Zebra print and Hot pink accenting in Lime green....she had an outfit that I bought her from the Fall Festival when she was 3 months old(yes it is a size 3 months)!! (it stretches)
                                                   Both Grandma's with Ellie

Opening her gifts.

If you would tell her nice job while she was opening her gifts she would pause and clap.  Then I said "bad job" at one point and she clapped.  Then Joy(my sis) said "job"....and I think she eventually clapped.  I think she just likes the word job:)
The cakes that I decorated for her.
 The following pictures are of her eating her cake.  I had so many to choose from so here are just a few.  She started out just taking itsy bitsy nibbles of the pink frosting but soon dug into the cake part.


 Starting to get a sugar it was time to take the cake away...... ahhh this thumb is nice:)

 Of course I didn't forget our little photo shoot today either..... she looks so big!!!

 She has her doctor apt on friday.  Excited to see how much this peanut weights!!!  And she still only has 2 teeth!!  What a little squirt!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


This little girl is getting her fair share of Blueberries in hopes to stop this awful thing called Constipation!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


 I tried so hard to upload a video, but I have no idea how to upload videos anymore to blogger?? Any help? Kind of looks like I have to put it to youtube and I don't know how to do that??
  So anyways, these two pictures will have to do. Ellie is on the move. Fast?? NO WAY!! She is literaly an inchworm. She does not get onto her hands and knees nor does she do the army crawl. Ive never seen a baby move in such a way....she lifts her butt up just enough to pull less weight with her hands. She grabs forward, presses into the carpet with her hands, lifts her butt off the ground and pulls the lower portion of her body to her hands. WEIRD!! I will put her in the office and about 10 minutes later she has managed to inch her way to the kitchen. 
Then she, for the first time, pulled herself up to this position on the dishwasher.  I have a video of her doing this, then thinking she was big stuff she removed her hands from the dishwasher, grabbed a spatula and then did a face plant on the edge of the dishwasher resulting in LOTS of girl tears:).  Yes, she cries much differently than the boys.  She puts out her lips into a "pout" face and slowly begins to cry.  The boys, well they just opened wide and wailed.

Then today she managed to do this to herself:).  Oh silly little girl.