Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

April 23rd was Ellie's 2nd, she is 2 years old already.  Time keeps ticking, thats for sure.
I decided to do a polka dot theme'd party in Pink, Turquoise, Purple and Lime Green.

 We had both Gutwein's and Waibel's here for her celebration.  Lots of great food was brought by everyone.  I had made Chicken Salad Croissants as the main dish.

 Ellie got to go first thru the line.  She is ready to eat:)

Kids Table

Adult Table (plus Ellie decided to eat aunt Raquel's food)
 Gift time....she was old enough to open her own gifts which is always nice.  Yes, it takes a bit longer but it is fun to watch them get excited.
 She got a baby doll from my parents.  Her first doll and she was elated!!  She carries that baby around and gives it a bottle or paci. (and sometimes you will see either of those in her mouth now too:))

She also got dress up clothes and a magic wand:) from her A. Kelli and family.

Daddy really loves you Ellie!!  You are definitely the first girl he says "hi" to when he gets home from work:))
Here is the cake I made for her.
And a plate of cupcakes because I knew one cake was not enough.

Very mesmerized by the candles.  Took her several attempts to get them blown out because she blows so soft and quick.

It was tough to tell if this was going to turn out, but it "sort of" did.  Not quite centered. I had made cake balls in all the colors to put inside the cake. I also put one colored ball inside of each cupcake too.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl.  We all love you!!


Joy said...

Fun colors! Ellie's looks so excited for her doll! It's about time she got one:) loved her skirt, she looks so cute!

bri said...

Very cute :) It is hard to believe she's that old.

Janice said...

Very fun party, Thanks Sandra and Nick

Mindy said...

So fun and girly! Happy Birthday Ellie!

Kelli Blog said...

I love the last picture of Ellie! It's crazy how quick they grow up into little people with BIG personalities.