Thursday, January 3, 2013

She must be the baby

My sweet Ellie must be the baby of the family because here she is 8 months old and FINALLY getting her first cracker!!  Lets just say all my boys were digging into hand held foods, and pretty much crawling by now too.  I guess I am in no hurry for her to grow up.  Take your time sweet one.

 Ahhhh....very pleased with how that tastes:)
 Back when we had the blizzard of 2012(yeah we got a whopping 1.5 inches of snow), we lost our power.  It was out for one hour and it was getting dark outside.  So of course I have flashlights stashed away in our house(because power outage is common in this house I tell you!!) everyone got a flashlight and enjoyed the hour.

Thankfully it turned back on as I noticed the house starting to get cold.  Nick did turn on the fire place and we thought we might just be having a slumber party by the fire........ but not this time.

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Janice said...

Ellie looks pretty pleased with her cracker and flash light.